iota-ML is an easy-to-use, no-code platform that effortlessly optimises your campaign strategy through the power of Machine Learning.

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Our Saviours 

We allow marketers to create hyper-relevant campaigns that increase engagement by identifying what your customers prefer at the click of a few buttons.

Becoming Heroes

Experience our award-winning engagement platform first-hand.

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Direct-to-Inbox Reporting

Receive straight-to-your-inbox the high-level campaign metrics, customer profiles and detailed uplift evaluations you need to make your next experiment even more powerful.


Actionable Insight On-Demand

Designed by marketing and analytics professionals, iota-ML provides our clients with the clear deltas, differentials, uplifts and nuggets of wisdom they need.

Automated Data Hygiene

 Bad data? Missing data? Outliers? No problem!

All of your data is automatically cleaned by iota-ML’s data cleansing module.

Smart Progress Alerts

Smart progress alerts update you on the status of each request with step-by-step processing alerts in real-time to ensure your valuable time isn’t wasted clicking refresh, refresh, refresh.

Simple & Secure Client Portal

An easy to use and secure client portal has everything you need to upload your data and let iota-ML’s unique technology do the rest.

Model Search Functionality

Our advanced machine learning searches  and evaluates many candidate models, saving you time and providing the most efficient recommendations our technology can provide.

We do the heavy data lifting so you don’t have to.

“The System has made us highly efficient in delivering targeted campaigns, and I would recommend iota-ML to anyone building out their MarTech stack”

Head of CRM, Global Automotive Brand