Brands are fighting to win an electrification & tech led transition.
Brands need to spread their marketing across ever more diverse interest groups.
Automotive marketers must achieve more for less.
2024 will hold uncertainty, with a forecast growth in ad-spend of just 0.1%, down from the 0.5% predicted three months ago as the effects of higher interest rates take hold on consumer and business spending’

Proven hyper-personalisation outcomes… Machine learning & Artificial Intelligence have transformed CRM outcomes / 18 months.

  • Opening 11 emails every 6 months vs. 4.

  • +3x engagement across channels.

  • +4.5x size of most engaged segment.

  • +6x highly engaged, interested in electrification.

  • +50% click increase, rolling six months.

…achieved by a tiny ML/AI powered CRM team…