Automotive marketing leaders that can deliver hyper-personalised CRM are best placed to  persuade consumers to take their next step(s) online & at dealerships.

Outcomes for Volvo:

  • +3x engagement across channels.
  • +4.5x size of most engaged segment.
  • +6x highly engaged, interested in electrification.
  • +50% click increase, rolling six months.


Retailer marketers with faster than their competition access to insights are best placed to respond to consumers’ needs and secure sales.

Outcomes for Rumage:

  • Matching of consumers to over +50m products that are available at any one time.
  • The ability to deliver hyper-personalised CRM, enabling Rumage to increasingly own the customer relationships for secondhand sales.
  • Direct to CRM execution of campaign selections.

Community Engagement 

Fan & Community leaders able to understand individuals’ motivations are far more able to deliver effective marketing than those that send generic communications.

Outcomes for fire aside:

  • +2x response to targeted messages.
  • Marketer led hyper-personalisation without the expense of Data Scientists.
  • Direct to CRM execution of campaign selections.

Small & Medium Enterprises

Growing enterprises have faced unfair competition from larger players, more able to access data scientists & insights. iota-ML levels the consumer insights playing field.

Outcomes for Vinegar Hill:

  • Identification of new, highly valuable, segments.
  • Data science without a data scientist.
  • Direct to CRM execution of campaign selections.