Persuading a community to act together.

  • + 2x response to targeted messages.

  • Fire Aside is the platform that helps communities adapt to wildfire.

  • The platform is used by (USA) 75 municipalities, 25 fire agencies and 16 counties.

  • Communities using Fire Aside are 5x more likely to take defensible space & home hardening actions

‘We needed a way to understand how to motivate action’

Fire Aside

Organisations, like Fire Aside or fan-based/interest-based organisations, must motivate actions to secure community benefits that go beyond the individual, or transaction. 

Fire Aside use iota-ML to understand the message distinctions that persuade different resident groups to take shared actions.

A/B testing of conformity vs. urgency messages in just minutes, identifying what motivates different resident micro-groups.

“Our partnership with iota-ML significantly improves our ability to persuade residents to act

in the interests of themselves & their wider communities’’

Fire Aside