Matching +50m items with the right buyers

  • The ability to drive action with CRM informed by matching user interests and available products.
  • Faster than competitors’ data scientist led solutions…iota-ML’s no-code, button push, data science is directly used by marketers.
  • Easy to use, direct to CRM, data file push & pull.

‘‘We want to make second-hand as easy as going on Amazon, Compare the market, or Skyscanner’’

Jo Spolton, CEO, Rumage

Most retailers use personalisation tactics to drive growth, but few have Rumage’s product range. Rumage’s leadership team recognized that a traditional Data Science team would be too costly, too handoff laden and slow to deliver the granular CRM that Rumage’s business model requires.

Rumage’s marketer led team use iota-ML to:

Analyse multiple A/B tests in just minutes, identifying what motivates different micro-groups. The business can then send hyper-relevant, hyper-motivating, communications.

Generate predictive models that allow the business to tap into previously missed opportunities.

Automatically generate consumer segments, giving business leaders insights they need to plan growth focused activities.

“Our users are concerned with sustainability, the cost of living, and are attracted by our breadth of choice.

We have to get the right messages in front of the right users’’

Jo Spolton, CEO, Rumage