Is this your organisation? Are these things familiar to you?

  • A marketing team of between one and four people (across everything).
  • Regularly conduct email marketing (may have a loyalty scheme).
  • Basic email marketing tools or CRM platforms.
  • A customer contact list of 100K or more.
  • Email copy is much the same for all contacts.
  • Have sales targets that you need to reach.

Our experience is that marketing teams in most medium-sized organisations have these characteristics. Whilst results can be good, larger organisations have grossly unfair commercial advantages (if they are smart enough to grab them). Why? They can afford the skills needed to deliver far more personalised marketing.

Here’s what McKinsey* has found:

The cumulative effect of these advantages (over time) is to marginalise smaller competitors.

Until now.

Iota-ML’s no-code Data Science lets even the most minor marketing team find the same opportunities previously reserved for more prominent competitors.

  • Want to know if one offer will work better for group A vs. group B? No problem.
  • Need to find more people who may respond to an offer or event? Easy.
  • Would like to know if there are segments within your customer base that share characteristics? I thought you’d never ask!
  • Want to avoid giving away margin (discounts) unless necessary? Consider it done.

Button push technology will let you do these things today.

Of course, having these insights is only part of the challenge. The big have also benefited from the time & budget to produce tailored content, so take advantage of these opportunities. Indeed, our prominent clients are already using insights they’ve found (using iota-ML) to prompt Generative AI tools. They are letting AI do the ‘content heavy lifting/drafting’ before casting an eye over copy/executing campaigns.

We want smaller teams to have this same advantage but without the need for recruitment. Reality? The iota-ML platform lets small marketing teams do what bigger teams have done for years. It gives them:

  • The capabilities to tap into those personalisation benefits highlighted by McKinsey.
  • Time back from manual processes to invest in marketing planning.
  • The insights & agility needed to outrun bigger competitors.

If you’d like to explore how iota-ML can affordably help you transform your organisation’s performance, get in touch.