Festive roundup time is here,

Dull lists lacking festive cheer

So this year iota-ML wrote a Christmas ditty

We hope you find it smart and witty

To summarise the year we had

And what a year, we’re terribly glad

To have won new clients, big and small

And supported amazing campaigns, hyper-relevant all!

This year we got a new product called TRIBES out the door

It combs your data for new audiences galore

We saw UPLIFT and PREDICT fly like Santa’s reindeers 

Giving marketers the power to face their recessionary fears

UPLIFT spotting hidden signals and super responders aplenty

Improving test-and-learn efficiency, to ensure clients’ stockings aren’t empty

PREDICT driving machine learning targeted precision

Campaigns that are more frequent, smaller, relevant: an intelligent decision!

And on marketing we launched our data heroes campaign!

To show the passion and purpose coursing through our veins!

But best of all we had our first physical co-founder meet-up

A team fully remote, we sank beers and sang Italian Europop

And toasted 2022 and the year to come 

Where we have plenty more exciting things to be done!

Because this is only the start for iota-ML 

As we celebrate our first Joyeux Noel

This Yuletide we will rest from our coding and python wizardry

And look forward to working with you in 2023!

Merry Christmas all from the iota-ML Team!