Vinegar Hill

“We launched iota-ML in 2022 and have used the system to expand product audiences, target re-engagement communications, and analyse the impact of AB tests at the customer level so we can improve our personalisation.

We have deployed upwards of 50 predictive audiences in our first year, and the system requirements and desired use-cases have continued to expand as the business has become excited in how we can improve our performance using machine learning.

The platform is really user friendly, and straightforward to use and the set-up and onboarding from the team has been first-class.

The system has made us highly efficient in delivering targeted campaigns, and I would recommend iota-ML to anyone building out their MarTech stack

Tony Allen

CRM Implementation Lead, Volvo Cars UK

“We are working with iota-ML and used its technology combined with marketing automation to tie the in-store purchasing to all the client’s online activity and do some really clever things … way above what they’d normally be able to do!”

Lindsay Pickles

Managing Partner, Bright Dials

“We have the problem of thousands of products and over 50 product categories. Knowing which products or categories to market to customers is challenging.

The iota-ML team provides all the hands-on support we need to understand this better through data insights and and also how machine learning can be used in our direct channels to increase customer engagement.”

Mindy Sawhney