Identify audience opportunities beyond the classic rules-based formula by harnessing the power of Machine Learning.

Is This You?

  • You would like to send smaller, more frequent, more relevant campaigns
  • You want more value out of your 1st party datasets, as everyone wants to know what you’re doing to do to help after the 3rd party cookie apocalypse
  • Analysts and data scientists are either not there, take too long, or are too busy wrangling with data to help

The Predict Product:

  • Lets you sit at your desk and do targeting using ML
  • You press a few buttons and you can target products, behaviours, preferences and content types  
  • The iota platform finds super-responders and look-a-likes for you  
  • Plugs into your marketing platform

To Help You:

  • Send customers more of what they prefer
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Respond to business needs by sending highly targeted campaigns within an hour of the trading meeting, just because you can

Considering Predictive Analytics?