Uncover and speak to the audience segments in your first-party data with relevance and purpose.

Is This You?

  • You feel like you would like more knowledge about your customers
  • You’re not sure what questions to ask of your data, and you don’t know who to ask those questions
  • You don’t know much about customer profiles or how customers engage with campaigns

The Tribes Product:

  • Runs 24/7/365 on your behalf, pro-active data mining and discovery
  • Has a decision engine to prioritise direct-to-inbox insights, segments, profiles, stats and nuggets: 150+ messages p/a  
  • One-click audience activation

To Help You:

  • Feel smart, look smart, and become inspired to take action
  • See something you like? Go from inbox to audience activation in one click
  • Upgrade your customer and engagement data knowledge

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