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Machine and deep learning technology applied to find uplift signals.

Is This You?

  • You know that testing can improve campaign performance, but you’re not sure where to begin 
  • There is no one analysing results for you. If you do get results, you get two rows of metrics on a spreadsheet 
  • You’re not sure that all customers are impacted equally

The Uplift Product:

  • Uses all available customer data
  • You can analyse your test with no data integration required  
  • The iota platform is optimised for finding uplift and super-responders  
  • The platform tells you who to target 
  • There is a scoring API to generate precision audiences

To Help You:

  • Understand the impact of the test so you can report results
  • Understand which customers are affected, so you can report insights
  • Roll out the results easily, to get those gains again, again and again
  • Improve ROI and effectiveness

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