Our Managing Director, John Conway, explains
the story behind iota-ML… 

“I scratched an itch during lockdown to bring the power of Machine Learning to marketers’ fingertips (even the complete non-techie ones!).

I had worked in marketing and CRM analytics since the early 00’s for big brands such as RSA and MoneySuperMarket.com – and those great days of data becoming commercialised, then customer behaviour switching to direct web and then to Ecommerce marketplaces and price comparison. New data was being created all the time at an ever-increasing volume. It was an exciting time for data-driven marketers due to the possibility in using new triggers, consuming more data into campaigns, and personalising more and more.

Reflecting on things during the first Covid lockdown, it dawned on me that despite the rise of MarTech, many marketers were having the same problems when working with their data, that I first saw when I started in the early 00’s. CRM platforms too complicated, having to wait for others to help, or difficulty applying analytical solutions.