Grow recurring revenues & repeat purchases

Understanding your customers’ purchase cycle is the linchpin of success in a dynamic marketing department. Marketers like you often try to decipher who’s a loyal customer, a one-time wonder, and who’s poised to renew or rebuy. It’s a puzzle that can make or break your marketing strategy.

Valuing your existing customers is essential, but loyalty requires a healthy contact base. Customer satisfaction levels must keep rising.

RETAIN harnesses the power of machine learning to decipher the intricacies of your customers’ purchase cycles. It enhances your understanding of individual customers and empowers you to understand the purchase cycle of each customer.

You’ll know who’s likely to rebuy and when they are likely to do so, enabling creation of maximum impact marketing plans. Your customers will feel seen and appreciated, fostering loyalty and trust. This isn’t just good for individual relationships; it’s a win for the overall health of your customer base.