Passionate, purposeful and coffee-powered data heroes iota-ML are proud to announce that they are finalists for the Best Personalisation Tool category at the UK Digital Growth Awards 2023.

So how did you end up on the shortlist?

Our road-test was with the inspiring lifestyle brand Volvo Cars.

Volvo turbo-charged their engagement by using the iota-ML “UPLIFT” tool to identify more personalised ways to communicate with consumer segments.

Traditionally, consumers are steamrolled by the hugely successful A/B testing model. Marketers test performance of messaging A vs B.

So, if B delivers better uplift than A, roll-out B. Voila.

Why is that a problem?

The A/B model has been hugely effective in the pre-privacy age, however modern consumers expect far more personalisation from brands and are less willing to give away their PII (personally identifiable information) to make that job easier.

This means that consumers who prefer B over A will switch off when brands choose to go with A, just because A performed better than B on the test.

Brands who rely on the A/B test model will therefore fail to engage with those minority consumers responding more strongly to content B over content A.

Step in iota-ML’s Machine Learning solution!

iota-ML enabled Volvo’s CRM marketers to spot and create segments of those consumers who were:

  • Super-responding to content A
  • Indifferent to both content A and B
  • AND… who were super-responding to content B

How did that help Volvo Cars? In their words:

The system has made us highly efficient in delivering targeted campaigns, and I would recommend iota-ML to anyone building out their MarTech stack“ – CRM Lead, Volvo Cars

What did our approach achieve for Volvo Cars?

Together, we achieved:

  • Engagement up X3 across channels
  • Click Rate up +50%
  • Most Engaged Segment up X4.5, and more…

We are incredibly proud of the results the iota-ML team have delivered for our client.

We enable brands to talk to consumers in a hyper-personalised and hyper-relevant way.

These days consumers expect more than just their name being spelled correctly at the top of an email.

iota-ML’s impact technology platform is applicable to any customer-facing business that is trying to super-charge their MarTech & CRM stack. If you want to learn more, get in touch today!