We set ourselves the tough challenge of jumping on an all-to-familiar bandwagon about you-know-what and created this useful piece of SEO (definitely not AI generated! ????) content chock full of Google-friendly keywords, for you to enjoy and discard at your leisure…

What Can & Can’t You Do With ChatGPT: The Absolutely 100% Definitive Q&A


Q: Can chatGPT write machine learning code?

A: Yes, chatGPT can write machine learning code in Python!


Q: Can chatGPT write machine learning code that works well with your company’s data?

A: Of course not, ChatGPT can’t problem-solve or tailor its approach to your collection of good, bad and ugly data, unlike our clever data-pipelines and data scientists powering the iota-ML platform, that make everything perfect, to your requirements, and importantly: get you live within 30 days. ????


Q: Can you schedule work for some future point in time, like you can with your iota-ML predictive jobs?

A: No, there is no scheduling capability, and furthermore, chat-GPT was only trained on data to the end of 2021 so it can’t even tell you what happened yesterday, never mind what needs to happen in 3 weeks’ time. ????


Q: Are there useful ways to employ ChatGPT?

A: Yes, and also no. ????

Yes, it can be useful, e.g., for inspiration or as a way to explore concepts you don’t know much about. It is a research tool, but only the first tool to get you started on a road to understanding. 

For instance, you can get prompts or suggestions for blog titles, or explanations of quantum theory, or other useful facts and explanations related to topics of interest. It can even write letters or articles in a particular style, if you wish.

However, there are downsides to the information provided. 

Firstly, it is not infallible. One of their key disclaimers is that the information generated may be incorrect, so never assume!

Secondly, the information provided is subject to the usual biases associated with the training dataset: the unfortunate biases that are inherent to human-generated content. Whilst efforts are made to suppress this bias, it is hard to remove it and it is a problem for artificial intelligence in general.

Third, ChatGPT is not an arbiter of original thought. It is a piece of stagecraft, an elegant and impressive regurgitation of human knowledge, but it doesn’t have the ability to think of new ideas on its own. It will therefore always present relatively prosaic responses to intelligent questions. 

In summary, the best AI tools help the user to experiment and iterate and optimise intelligently. 

For instance, iota-ML is an AI tool that can optimise your communications strategy through the power of machine learning.  ????

Much like ChatGPT, iota-ML can be very useful, and it works best when it is used intelligently and with purpose. ????


Q: Can ChatGPT write blog posts like this? ????

A: Yes, but not as elegantly as yours truly (although it might complain less and will probably consume less tea and biscuits in the process). ☕

So there you have it – the definitive Q&A on Chat GPT. Live long and prosper! ????