Through personal experience and primary research, including interviews with senior marketeers in major global retailers, iota-ML have identified several challenges facing many marketing departments.

The challenges:

  • Poor use of customer data in explaining business outcomes
  • Lack of experimentation strategies
  • A belief that “one size fits all” when personalisation is necessary to get the best results
  • Missed opportunities in the A/B test methodology
  • Relentless growth of Mar-Tech means pressure to demonstrate usage of data to drive value
  • Inadequate data science resources to address the use-cases

In summary, marketeers need help to deliver more IMPACT using their existing datasets.

They need clarity on how to optimise their experiments, and to discover new value.

And ideally, they want to do all of this with as little friction as possible, and without having to hire and manage teams of Data Scientists to pick through these problems.

Enter, iota-ML.

iota-ML is a totally unique, fully modular, and guaranteed no-code optimisation and experimentation platform, powered by Machine Learning.

Our technology has been developed by a team of seasoned Data Science, Web Development and Customer Success professionals and our focus is on delivering a seamless, friendly and interactive user experience.

Our goal is to help marketeers meet these challenges head-on, enabling responsive predictive analytics with as much or as little hands-on support as you need to get started!

How does it work?

Using our service is simple, effective and hassle free. And if you get stuck, we’re always on hand to help. There are 4 key stages:

  1. Test – Do a randomised marketing test/experiment
  2. Build Dataset – Append customer attributes to your PPI free campaign dataset
  3. Upload your dataset to iota-ML – Apply the iota platform’s machine learning technology for same day results
  4. Review Results – Find the super-responders, and understand the hyper-optimised response patterns

Get in touch today to see how iota-ML can overcome these challenges in your business.