The power to beat bigger competitors

  • Identification of a very significant, new, super-responder audience.
  • CTR insights enabling targeting of consumers based upon interests.
  • Faster than competitors’ data scientist led solutions…iota-ML’s no-code, button push, data science is directly used by marketers.
  • Easy to use, direct to CRM, data file push & pull.

‘The opportunities we found are shocking…in the most positive of ways!’

Vinegar Hill

A lack of access to data science has long left small and medium sized enterprises at a significant disadvantage vs. their larger, insight powered, competitors. The small marketing team at Vinegar Hill found itself in this position; having a CRM and data but lacking the insights required to truly drive growth.

Vinegar Hill’s marketer led team use iota-ML to:


Analyse A/B tests and map messages to audiences.

Find and understand hidden segments