Using ML & AI to deliver hyper-personalised CRM

Costs down (vs. previous approach), performance transformed.

+3x engagement across channels.

+4.5x size of most engaged segment.

+6x highly engaged, interested in electrification.

+50% click increase, rolling six months.

Small, hyper-efficient, in-house CRM team.

‘’I want to build relationships through conversation’’

Tony Allen, Global CRM lead, Volvo

Volvo employed a globally renowned CRM agency for over 25 years. Infrequent communications and costly, handoff laden, processes had fallen behind their audiences’ expectation of conversational relationships with brands.  Volvo realised that Generative AI could allow them to market at higher frequencies, to hyper-personalised groups…but only if they had better data insights. Their agency led Data Scientist approach left marketers unable to actively plan and action their own thinking, at speed.

Volvo decided to build a ML & AI powered in-house team. A marketer uses iota-ML to identify insights, employing these to produce hyper-relevant content via Jasper AI.

Campaigns can be executed within 2 hours – data insights, generation of content, execution of campaigns.

Each of Volvo’s target audience members now open an average 11 emails every 6 months vs. previous 4.

“The platform is really user-friendly, and straightforward to use and the set-up and onboarding from the team has been first-class.’’

Tony Allen, Global CRM Lead, Volvo

Structure of Volvo’s ML & AI powered CRM team