This month we reach the two-year anniversary of the official iota-ML birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY IOTA-ML! ???? ????)

Did you know that all the co-founders of iota-ML are dads (of very small people ????????- hence the COFFEE part of what we run on)!

All of us would agree that parenthood is a brilliant, beautiful, frightening and stressful experience. 

And… as we would quickly discover… parenthood to a business is equally brilliant, beautiful, frightening and stressful! 

The similarities of parenting kids and parenting a start-up don’t just stop at the feelings.

The analogies of business-development to kids’ physical and mental development milestones are also plentiful!

We picked our company name as carefully as we picked the names for our real kids. 

We carefully nursed iota-ML from March 2021, poured our hearts and souls into it, and watched it grow from a fussy baby to a walking, talking, opinionated, demanding, energetic toddler!

Within 9 months we saw iota-ML take its first steps when we successfully delivered an operational machine learning platform: our first proof-of-concept of the no-code, super-simple UPLIFT tool. ????

We soon found iota-ML some friends to share its toys with! ????

In 2022 we launched global clients such as Volvo Cars UK, and kicked off our Partner Program with the wonderful teams at WeDoCRM, Cloud Zuko and Bright Dials. ????

Next, iota-ML discovered its personality with the launch of our “data superheroes” campaign, to bring the iota-ML system to life for CRM and marketing professionals! ????

And we found our voice and booked some playdates at the Inbox Expo! ????

So, now we reach the so-called “terrible twos”, but why should the twos be so terrible?

While nobody loves the 2 year sleep regression and teething pains… those sleepless nights look set to continue, as we work tirelessly to bring the next generation of CRM marketing technology to your marketing stack!

We’re itching (fortunately not with chickenpox! ????) to speak to stressed marketers about their data challenges. 

So come celebrate our 2nd anniversary by making a playdate with our Chief Data Hero John Conway… clickhere for a time that works for you (and your grown-up!)