We share how to drive a +3x CRM engagement increase.

That companies leveraging personalisation grow faster is well proven. Marketers and their CEOs have splurged millions on tech that’s supposed to score this goal. Yet, this Martech has become a badly underused asset. And, increasingly, CMOs and CEOs are waging war on wastage. So, why do forward-looking CRM leaders adopt machine learning data science?

A Daily Drag

Marketers we’ve asked say they spend 80% of their days being reactive and only 20% planning. Their core skills have been overrun by inefficient technologies and hand-off laden processes. Instead of helping busy marketers achieve more, a lot of Martech has become a daily drag.

Reimaging The Dynamic

Our clients asked us to re-imagine this dynamic. They need their marketing teams to have ready, rapid, access to fresh data insights. ”Learn about your customers faster than your competition, deploy what you’ve learned faster than your competition” goes Jack Welch’s famous distillation of competitive advantage. 

Clients marketers requested a solution with no coding and simple ‘button press’ tech to replace interpretation laden human hand-offs between marketers, data scientists (for those lucky enough to have them), with agencies. 

Data Superheroes

Our task was to turn marketers into data superheroes, to help them become leaders who deliver the promise of growth via hyper personalisation.

Some clients are also testing Generative AI to fill their hyper personalisation content gaps. They’ve found that traditional data science teams simply don’t have the capacity to feed hungry Generative AI (like ChatGPT and Jasper). They needed our solution to also address this gap. 


Results? These are summarised in this 3 minute read, which also includes iota-ML core functions (such as PREDICT and UP LIFT), what an AI & ML marketing team looks like:

If you prefer to learn by watching then Alan Thorpe, our Chief Growth Hero, explains all in this 20 min presentation (MarTechFest, Sept 2023):

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